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Fearless Females Voice

Nov 30, 2020

Welcome back to the Fearless Females Voice podcast. On this episode, I am joined by Vanisha Patel who is a social media content expert. I have been following Vanisha for a while now and love the content which she puts out there. She always come across positive and vibrant with eye catching posts. She oozes confidence and creativity. Vanisha had the normal educational path growing up by going to school and then heading to University. She then realised that University wasn’t for her and she decided to leave and do some soul searching. Through this, she found her strengths and had an aha moment. This is what triggered her starting her own business.  

On this podcast, she talks to us about her background in education, how it was for her going down an unconventional path, how she keeps a positive attitude, the downsides of social media. tips and advice for content and running her own business.  

This Is a great episode, so hope you enjoy the listen. Be sure to join thee Fearless Females Facebook group and leave a review on the podcast.

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