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Fearless Females Voice

Nov 30, 2021

On this episode, I am joined by Suman Randhawa who is a sales strategist and business mentor. Suman has over 25 years of corporate experience working with global brands and led award winning sales teams. She recently resigned her job after finding there to be more to life and now runs her own business helping female entrepreneurs to transform their businesses. 

Suman has a very positive outlook in life and has had experiences which have shaped her thinking and led her on a self-discovery journey. As time has gone on, she has been doing more work on herself and understanding her purpose. On this episode, she shares her career journey, the life changing moment which made her review everything around her and more about her passion for supporting women in business. 

Suman has an inspiring story of which I really resonated with, so I know you’ll enjoy the listen.

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