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Fearless Females Voice

Aug 2, 2021

On this episode, Chandni talks about a topic which is close to her heart - controlling your finances. Having lived independently for over 10 years, she learnt to depend on myself and the importance of being in control of her finances. We aren’t taught this topic in school of how to save money, how to invest it and how to be in control of it, so it's hard for us to know how to do this.


Money is important and helps you live the lifestyle which you choose to live so it’s good to get a handle of what’s going on in your bank account. Control may come naturally to some, but Chandni has spoken to many women who don’t know what is going on in their bank accounts or how to save money. 


On this podcast, she talks about financial independence as a woman, her experiences with it, a small exercise of how you can audit your finances and the best part, how to save money. A quick caveat, Chandni is no financial advisor, but has used these tips to help her save money. Savings are important even if you have nothing in particular you are saving for. You will thank yourself later on in life when you have that pot saved for a rainy day, a holiday, wedding or buying your first property.

There is a worksheet which you can download to help you audit your finances and save money: