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Fearless Females Voice

Jul 12, 2021

On this episode, I am joined by Zuzana Hyniova who I had the pleasure of being mentored by in my previous workplace. Zuzana is an Engineer by trade and has overcome challenges, built her career and is now in a senior leadership position. When I worked as an Engineer, there were hardly any women working in the industry, so seeing a woman build her career and lead Engineering teams was a great inspiration. There is a lack of diversity and inclusion in many different industries and she recognises and talks about this openly. 

On this podcast, Zuzana tells us how she built her career, dealt with imposter syndrome, what makes a great leader, what it’s like working in a male dominated workplace and the benefits of diversity. She also shares some of the challenges which she faced and the sacrifices she had to make in order to get to where she is now.

I loved speaking to Zuzana and I am sure you’ll love the listen.

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