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Fearless Females Voice

Apr 26, 2021

On this episode, I am joined by Nora Brown who has over 10 years coaching experience and now helps others become more confident, fearless and specialises in dealing with imposter syndrome. I met Nora through a networking group and instantly clicked with her and loved everything that she was creating. I felt very inspired by her content, her words and more importantly, her story.


Nora was living a normal life when one day, decided to quit her corporate job and also leave her long term relationship. It was a liberating experience at the time.  Whilst in a good head space, she then stumbled into a toxic relationship with a narcissist and entered what was 6 years of hell. She was trapped and one day, managed to escape and now lives with her husband and has recently had a beautiful baby girl.


Nora is an open book and talks to us about how she felt within that toxic relationship, how to identify a narcissist, her experience with pregnancy and her miscarriage as well as well her business in coaching and supporting others. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge and shares some amazing information on different types of imposter syndrome traits, how to overcome self doubt and more on affirmations.

I felt so energised after speaking to Nora and can’t wait to see what she does in the future as it’s all exciting things. I know you will enjoy the listen.


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