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Fearless Females Voice

Apr 5, 2021

On this episode, I am joined by Laura Byrnes who is an Australian race car driver. I have never come across a female in the motorsports industry so when I saw Laura, I felt truly inspired and I was rooting for her from London and I had to hear more of her story. Laura is a first generation race car driver and loves a bit of a fast paced life. Racing has always been her passion and she broke through the industry as a female and has accomplished many successes throughout her career. 

On this episode, Laura talks us through the journey of how she got into racing, what it’s like being a female in the industry, what goes on in her mind when driving at high speeds and how she maintains her drive, positivity and fearless mindset. 

Laura is a bundle of joy and it was such a pleasure speaking to her. It’s great seeing women breaking through glass ceilings and going against the biases that people have. I’m sure you’ll really enjoy the listen.