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Fearless Females Voice

Mar 15, 2022


On this episode, I am joined by Sim who is a hair and make-up artist. I first met Sim last year at a dinner and we hit it off straight away. We spoke all night long and shared the same views around women and their development that I had to get her on my podcast to share her story.


Sim went to University, got married and then moved abroad to live with her husband. This all sounds great, but if only life was that simple. Just like other women, she’s faced cultural and societal barriers which imposed certain beliefs on herself. She used to think life had to be a certain way, only to then have the realisation that there is no right or wrong way. 


On this episode, Sim shares how she’s broken down the barriers for herself, her learnings about marriage and life, the importance of women putting themselves first and how she found herself. She is just as passionate as I am around these topics and has grown so much as an individual and in her marriage to form a strong unit with her husband.

Hope you enjoy the listen.


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