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Fearless Females Voice

Feb 8, 2022

On this episode, I am joined by Bhavna who is a successful entrepreneur with multiple award winning businesses and has over 18 years of corporate and business experience. 


Bhavna has had a great entrepreneurial journey with ups and downs and through her learnings and experience, she now mentors other female entrepreneurs. She has built a strong community of women with just over 4.7 thousand members. The community is a great place to be if you’re looking to network, get support and learn new things about business. 


On this episode, she said from the start that she has nothing to hide and she openly shares her business journey and insights, what key challenges she faced, how she now helps women overcome blockers such as comparison syndrome and imposter syndrome and her future plans within business. 


She is so passionate about supporting other businesses and seeing women thrive and this aligns so well with what Fearless Females is all about. I know you’ll love the listen.


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