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Fearless Females Voice

Jan 12, 2021

On this episode, I am joined by an empowerment and travel coach Lizzie Laws. I have been following Lizzie on social media and I love her content and positivity and was intrigued to hear more about her journey into coaching. After working for many years, Lizzie decided to take some annual leave and ended up doing 4 years of one and off travel which has changed her life. 

Lizzie  found many benefits from travelling and has grown as a person from her experiences, and wanted to embark on becoming a travel coach to help other females find themselves and feel empowered. In this episode, she shares more about her coaching journey, her love for travel and how it all started, how it has helped her and advice to others on feeling more confident and positive. 

I loved recording this episode as I gained a lot from hearing Lizzie’s story, so hope you enjoy the episode as much as I do.

Instagram: @lizzielaws

Fearless females Instagram: @fearlessfemales.1