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Fearless Females Voice

Dec 16, 2021

I am joined by Nisha Aubeeluck who is a career coach. She started off her career in finance straight after she graduated and quickly realised it wasn’t for her. Nisha has worked in jobs she didn’t enjoy which led her to understand more about what she wants from her career. She travelled the world and made realisations about her strengths and passions. She is very self-aware and quick to take action when something doesn’t align to what she wants from life. 

On this episode, Nisha talks to us about her career journey from finance to coaching, what it means to work to your strengths, what she gained from working in a job she didn’t enjoy and how to perfect career transitions without feeling imposter syndrome.

Nisha has an inspirational story and provides some great tips and tricks for those of you who are looking for a career change. 

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