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Fearless Females Voice

Nov 9, 2020

On this episode, I am joined by Anita Kaur Thind, the owner of The Pretty Parcel Company. Anita and I go way back where we were Primary school buddies. We haven’t caught up in many years, but she is still the same strong minded, passionate and driven girl I knew from school.

On this podcast, Anita talks about her business The Pretty Parcel. She shares her experiences on running her own business and how it has impacted her life. Being an entrepreneur can have its highs and lows and Anita openly talks about what she has dealt with and how she overcame it. She gives us some insight into how she started her company, her daily routine and tips and advice for other females looking to start their own company as well as a tip on how to build up your confidence. She also shares some added extras which she hasn't revealed to anyone before.

Anita is extremely inspiring which comes across on this podcast. Enjoy the listen and be sure to leave a review and share your feedback.

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