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Fearless Females Voice

Nov 9, 2021

On this episode, I am joined by Sophia Le Page who is a feminine embodiment coach, rebel queen and modern mystic.


Sophia has travelled the world and been on a deep journey to discover her feminine soul. Her experiences have led her to now working with women all over the world to help them connect to their feminine energy. She shares how women can work with their menstrual cycles to unlock true power and pleasure so women can be their best selves.


On this episode she talks to us about connecting with our womb, connecting to yourself and your energy, our perceptions of our periods, differences between masculine and feminine energy and how we can use these to our advantage.

This podcast was fascinating for me and I learnt so much about how women can work with their bodies rather than against them. It’s perfect for those wanting to learn more about connecting to yourself on a different level. I know you’re going to love the listen.

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