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Fearless Females Voice

Oct 26, 2021

On this episode, I am joined by Mira Manek, the Founder of Chai by Mira and author of 2 amazing books Saffron Soul and Prajna. Mira has a strong passion for health, nutrition and mindset and this stemmed from her growing up doing Ayurveda practices which she still implements now. This formed the foundation of her book Prajna where she talks about rituals for happiness. She has worked and lived abroad and more recently, started her own business in selling delicious chai mixes under the brand Chai by Mira. 


After her divorce, Mira was going through a low point in her life, but she prioritised her self-care and happiness and this instantly lifted her spirits. Mira is a woman of many talents and has recently trained in breathwork, EFT, integrative healing and practices yoga. 


On this episode, Mira talks to us about her self-care practices, what Ayurveda means to her, how the ideas of her books came about and what she has planned for the upcoming future. I loved speaking to Mira and her story was so powerful and I’m sure you’re going to love the listen.

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