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Fearless Females Voice

Sep 28, 2021

On this episode, I talk all about confidence. I have spoken to many women and I have found that 95% of them struggle most with confidence, so I decided to do this podcast episode. The textbook definition of confidence revolves around believing in and having faith in yourself, but I have my own definition which I share. Confidence is something that you can develop and I share my top 3 findings on how to build it. 

I used to be a shy and timid girl growing up, but I learnt to build my confidence throughout my 20’s. I experienced solo travel, was thrown in the deep end, lived alone in different cities and was single for 5 years. These experiences helped me explore and understand myself. This led to me being comfortable in my own skin and not seeking validation from others. On this episode, I go through my thoughts and insights around confidence, the myths which surround it and the journey of how I built my confidence. I hope you enjoy the listen.

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