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Fearless Females Voice

Sep 14, 2021

On this episode I am joined by Neelam who is a personal stylist and style coach. I first connected with Neelam a few weeks ago and loved her page and tips which she gave to others about styling. I quickly found out that we had a lot in common with our background stories, so had to get her on the podcast to share hers.

Neelam has always had a passion for fashion and styling, but was sucked into the more traditional route of studying business at University. After she graduated, she was working in different companies for 8 years and nothing really stuck with her. She realised working for a company was not doing it for her, so she quit her job to follow her dreams. She got back into styling, completed her training and is now running her business in women's styling and coaching. 

Neelam talks to us about her journey to starting a business, what personal styling and coaching is, how she got into it, how style can empower women and why she loves what she does.

I loved speaking to Neelam and seeing all the progress she has made. I know you’ll enjoy the listen.

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