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Fearless Females Voice

Jun 13, 2021

I am so excited to release this episode where I am joined by Jana Alonso who runs her own successful business in healing processes. Jana had some difficult experiences growing up which led her to being diagnosed with depression and an eating disorder. She had an awakening moment where she knew she had to make a change to make things better, She started working on herself and understanding more about what her past traumas meant and then her mindset evolved. 


Jana is now an Integrative  Healing Expert and has a mission to pass on this message and help other women. On this podcast, she talks to us about her past traumas and experiences which has led her to where she is now, some concepts of healing, shadow work, how to handle our emotions and the consequences of bottling them up and more about her 3 day immersion workshop which I have linked below.


I loved speaking to Jana and loved her story and everything that she is now doing. Enjoy the listen.

Recommended books:

The Emotional Code - Bradley Nelson 
Breaking the habit of being you - Joe Dizpensa
3 day immersion link:
Instagram: @janabartlettalonso
Fearless Females website: