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Fearless Females Voice

May 17, 2021

**Episode 31 - Feminism with Ramona Gohil**

I am really excited to share this episode which I am joined by Ramona Gohil who is the founder of Rani & Co and also an active feminist. Ramona is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and openly talks about women empowerment. 

Ramona noticed from a young age whilst at home that men and women were treated differently and not in a good way. She knew this wasn’t right and started exploring more into the reasons why. She noticed sexism more and more as she went through life and she knew she wanted to make a change.

On this podcast, we talk all about how she discovered feminism from a young age, her experiences with sexism from University to the workplace, stereotypes of males and females, her thoughts on talking to the younger generation (and also men) about feminism and women empowerment and the growth of her brand Rani & Co. which celebrates women through jewellery. 

This is a very interesting podcast and it was great to hear from someone who is so passionate about feminism and lives and breathes it. I know you’ll really enjoy the listen.