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Fearless Females Voice

May 10, 2021

This is a very special episode for the Fearless Females mental health campaign. I am joined by Riya Patel who has an inspirational self love story which has never been told before. Riya has battled with depression and anxiety from a young age. Initially, she didn’t understand what was happening or why as she had never come across it before or heard much about it. After seeking help, she was able to get to grips with her feelings, dig deeper and truly find herself. With great courage, she opened up to her family and friends about her struggles and they have been incredibly supportive of her from the start. 


On this episode, Riya openly talks about how she felt during the darker days, what her triggers were, how she educated the older generation, seeked out help and embarked on her self love journey which included finding pilates which became a saviour. She now loves health and fitness and practices it everyday.


Riya is an incredible and powerful woman who has taken back control of her life to be in the happy place that she is in now. I know you’ll really enjoy the listen.


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