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Fearless Females Voice

Apr 20, 2021

On this episode, I am joined by Shalina Micheal who runs her own events business. When I first met Shalina, I instantly clicked with her and was drawn to her energy. She spoke so passionately about what she did and what she stood for and I knew that I had to have her on this podcast.


Shalina has worked in the events industry for over 17 years and had a senior leadership position in the corporate world. She has faced many challenges along the way and eventually decided to leave the corporate world and start her own business doing something she loved. It was a big shift in lifestyle and mindset of which she rose to the occasion and is now running a successful company.


Shalina talks to us about her story of how she got into her industry including her past experiences with education whilst growing up, the challenges she faced as an ethnic woman with her male colleagues, the struggles of starting her own business and balancing her family and career. She also throws in snippets of her travel stints which she did which you all know I’m a big fan of.


I loved speaking to Shalina about her story which is just incredible. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the listen.