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Fearless Females Voice

Mar 16, 2021

On this episode, I am joined again by Asiya Parekh who was on episode 4 of this podcast. Her first episode became very popular and many people reached out to me to hear more of her story. On her first podcast episode, she shares her tragic story of losing her son at a young age and on this episode she continues her story of how she is now dealing with the grief and what life is like. It is now 10 months since he passed away and she is continuing to tackle each day head on. 

On this episode, she talks to us through her coping mechanisms for grief, her religious connections to this, her experiences on post natal depression and trauma. This episode was an eye opener for me and I’m sure many women, especially mothers can relate. 

Asiya is incredibly strong minded and knows herself so well. She is creating a legacy with her son Yahiya and he will remain in all of our hearts forever. I loved speaking to her again. Without further ago, let’s get stuck in.