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Fearless Females Voice

Mar 9, 2021

On this episode, I am joined by Elisa Graf who I met on a workshop which I am currently on. After reading  more about Elisa, I knew I had to get her on this podcast as she had lived a full and vibrant life of which she made many fearless decisions. 

Elisa grew up in California and after starting a family, decided to move to a new city and travel the world. She started a meditation group and built a strong community around her. She now lives in an Eco Village in Germany. Elisa talks to us about her travelling lifestyle, how she relocated her family, built a community and her connections to life and others through meditation and spiritual practices. Elisa is focussed on living a purposeful life and this shows in her feeling happy and content. 

I found this podcast extremely interesting and I learnt a lot around looking after yourself and spirituality, so enjoy the listen.