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Fearless Females Voice

Oct 20, 2020

On this episode, I am joined by my old colleague and friend, Abi MacQuarrie. Abi grew up with a very curious mind and wanted to know how things worked within the world. This mindset led her into an Engineering led path, getting her degree and now doing a PHD.

It all started back when Abi went to college to study Engineering. This is where she was first exposed to a male dominated environment and found it to be quite challenging being one of the only girls in the room. Although it was tough, she stuck with it and then moved on to studying an Engineering degree at the University of York which increased her confidence levels. During this time, she experienced anxiety around her studies as she was striving for perfection. On this podcast Abi talks about her story and her struggles which she overcame to get to where she is now.



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