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Fearless Females Voice

Dec 21, 2020

On this episode, I am joined by Lauren O’Donnell who is a London based female entrepreneur. Lauren has always had a passion for the food industry and found a gap in the market, so decided to quit her corporate job and start her own business called Oatsu, selling plant based breakfasts. Many of us have ideas of starting something new, but very few of us actually implement it. I find it really inspiring that Lauren was brave and fearless enough to take this risk and enter the unknown.

On this episode, Lauren takes us through her business journey, shares tips on building your confidence, starting a business, how to network, how to grow a following and getting your first customers.  She also takes us through some of the challenges which she has faced as a female entrepreneur and how she overcame this.

This is a great episode to gain some insight on the real life of an entrepreneur as it’s not always the glitz and glamour that you may see. Lauren has persisted through and has big ambitions for her brand which I know she will achieve with her sheer determination and passion.

Oatsu products: