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Fearless Females Voice

Sep 7, 2021

I am joined by Shay Stone who is an Author, Life Coach and Animator at Walt Disney. From a young age, Shay was curious minded about how people think and behave. This led her to reflect on her own thoughts and behaviours and understand beyond the surface of herself. She started digging deeper and asking questions to herself to unlock her true potential. Her curiosity led her to coaching and empowering others along with writing her book ‘Be Better Than You’. This book is a guide on how to take your life to the next level through doing the inner work.

On this episode, Shay talks us through her career and the challenges women face (especially women of colour), she talks about the deep internal work she did, why she did it, the benefits she’s discovered, the confidence she has gained through knowing herself and more about her book.

This was such an interesting conversation and I loved hearing from someone who knows themselves so well and has had many life experiences. I know you’ll love the listen.

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